The US has a plenty of tarp producers of different sizes all around the country. We have listed some of the most notable manufactures and have noted the details of their production. Note, the credibility of this article has not been verified, so use it at your own risk.

  • ZipTight is a well-known heavy tarp producer in Arizona. The produce almost every kind of tarps that are being used for the industrial application. Most of them are quite tough and thick, which could only be handled with the use of special equipment. A strong construction worker would be unable to being their tarps with the use of bare hands, and trying to do so could even result in causing injuries, so don’t do it! If you want the toughest tarps in your State that could easily serve for a decade, then this company would your best option.
  • Island Tarps. This is a relatively new manufacturer, but they provide very durable and quality heavy tarps for a fraction of the cost of the other producers. In fact, the always have all sizes of heavy duty tarps for sale. Do not want to wait for the new stocks and supplies for every order? You can grab their tarps right now, and it doesn’t matter whether you buy 1 or 1000. All your orders will be processed in about couple of days and no more.
  • American Stitch Co is one of the old school dogs of Mountain Home. They special in car and auto accessories and also heavy tarps, which could be used for your garage. The price range is very flexible, so you can choose almost exactly what you want, as long as it is related to autos. You could also order different custom heavy tarps, but the manufacturing process could take a while.
  • Axxes Sewing is basically all about sewing. About half of their production are the different types of cloth, including the synthetic materials. The other part is the tarps, and I must admit the quality is kept at the highest level. Their company is also ISO 9001 certified, if this tells you anything. Well if not, then think of it, only about 5% of tarp manufacturers boast to have this certificate level. Regarding the cost it isn’t that attractive, but if you order wholesale they can make you some best offers in the State.
  • Senco is another manufacturer of heavy tarps in Colorado. They have the most essential types of tarps for relatively low price. If you just need some basic fireproof or water-proof tarps as well as all-purpose heavy tarps, then you could save some good amount if you cost them right away.
  • Langdon & Co is one of the largest producers in Kansas. They have about 200 of stitching machines and produce about 1000 tons of tarps daily. Most of their clients are the big corporations, so if you want to deal with them, make sure you order wholesale.